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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 20, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> live, local, late-breaking - this wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good afternoon. our big story at noon, a 24- year-old officer was released from shock trauma this morning. a bullet grazed his head a 35-
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year veteran responded to a domestic violence call in the 1100 block of cook's lan beforee midnight. if you have any information on the shooting, call baltimore city police. >> the baltimore city police officer -- police detective is accused of dealing drugs on the job. daniel redd and four others face charges. >> according to the indictment, redd and four others were conspiring to distribute heroin for the last six months. >> the allegations are that the officer was a central participant. >> it was alleged that he did part of his drug dealing on the job in the northwest district police station parking lot. the affidavit details cell phone conversations between him and the four other suspects. one conversation, redd tells one of the suspects to meet him in
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the district. >> they discussed how to distribute drugs and where to distribute them. there were allegedly reverence'' in those conversations to officer redd engaging in drug dealing while in uniform. >> the department contacted federal investigators. they say they have worked alongside the fbi throughout the investigation. >> it is a black eye for the police department. the silver lining is that an individual who is potentially committing egregious acts and betraying the trust is facing a federal judge. >> the 41-year-old was first hired by the baltimore city police department in 1994. along with the drug charges, he is charged with three counts of use of a firearm in the course of drug dealing. those charges alone carry a minimum sentence of 55 years in federal prison. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> a candidate for mayor
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announces his idea to reduce crime in baltimore city. a bullet tax -- tis rollie is proposing a $1 tax on each bullet. >> this is not a revenue enhancement to will buried it will make it difficult for you to buy bullets. >> his plan would change the way the city prosecutes drug offenses making minor possession cases a summary of fans on a level equal to public drunkenness. he claims this public safety plan will reduce crime in baltimore by 20% in his first term. no comment from the mayor's office. >> mayor stephanie rawlings like talks about her plan for taxes which would reduce the rate by 9 percent over the next nine years. the program would be funded by revenue generated from the city's future slots parlor. homeowners will qualify for the homestead property tax credit but also qualify for the new
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credit for it will have more on the mayor's property tax proposal tonight on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00. despite a delay in the charter amendment, city councilman carl stokes says he is confident that cutting -- that is planned to cut property taxes would cut the rate by 50% every year for the next five years. according to the city's calculations, the stokes' plan would sacrifice more than $300 million in property tax revenue by 2016. it would require the city to add half a million new residents to make up that deficit. the council's judiciary committee has delayed the bill until september for further review. police have released the name of the man who died in an accidental drowning. witnesses say the 46-year-old, charles thompson, jumped off the orchard beach community appear last night. he momentarily resurfaced but then went back on there and never came back up. his body was found next to the pier about one hour later. police say they do not suspect
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foul play. ♪ >> we are feeling the heat and humidity all across the area we are showing temperatures across the state mainly in the 80's. it is 90 at the inner harbor and 90 in easton and temperatures will continue to climb into the afternoon. it will get even harder for the next couple of days. thursday through saturday, we will have highsmith up for 90's with humidity, it could feel like 105-110 degrees will talk about what you can do to help get through these next couple of days. >> it looks like there's a light at the end of the tunnel in washington for a small group of democrats and republicans has come up with a plan to reduce the deficit and both sides think they can work with it. >> 234 and the nays are 190.
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>> a vote was largely symbolic. >> mr. president, we dare you to veto this. >> is not expected to pass the senate today and the president says he will not sign it. what my work is a new deal that six democrats and republicans are pitching. $4 trillion and spending cuts including half a trillion dollars in medicare, lower taxes, and a trillion dollars gained by closing tax loopholes. >> the congressional budget office would score this as a $1.50 trillion tax cuts. >> the plan prevents congress from easily getting around caps on government spending. >> it has to be passed with 67 votes to ever get around any of the caps. that will be highly unlikely. >> both sides praised the compromise. >> that have come to a bipartisan agreement. i support it. >> i think we are on the same playing field. >> there is very little time to work out the details. >> we only have 13 days and there is a number of senators
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who said they will do everything they can to stop the debt ceiling from being increased. >> a new poll finds that most americans want to see compromise in washington and the majority now say they support the president's approach, spending cuts with tax increases. >> thank you. still ahead, birth control coverage -- it could soon be free under insurance but there is opposition. we will explain and find out what causes this massive guys are in california. >> we were screaming our heads off balance a family finds a burglar in their car while on a trip to the park. hear their story next.
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freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. >> take a look at best. a man of the montreal lifts a car into the air. a flash storm monday drop nearly 1 foot of rain in less than one hour for the ring was too much for the man all which exploded under the pressure. the car was badly damaged when it came crashing down. a carjacking is reportedly to blame for a mass of guys are in southern california. police say suspect stolen vehicle at knifepoint before smashing it into a high-pressure fire it sent the 100-foot geyser it to the are causing flooding and damage to nearby
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homes and it took crews more than two hours to turn off the hydrant. nearby homes were evacuated and inspected and the carjacking suspect will be taken into custody after he is released from hospital. scary moments for a family in northern california when a burglary suspect pop up in the back of their vehicle. the family was headed to the part of the mother says they experienced something out of a car movie. >> we were screaming our heads off. >> it was the scare of their lives for these young girls and their mom drove 50 minutes with a stowaway in the back of their suv. >> [unintelligible] >> that stowaway was a burglary suspect the police were looking for. >> they packed up almost instantly after we stopped. they were just screaming. >> [unintelligible] >> the man came forward.
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he said he will not hurt us. he said it 45 *. >> the man was a potentially dangerous suspect and apologized for steering the children print. >> he apologized and said he just got in a fight at the school, please don't call the cops. >> i called 911 right away. >> the suspect ran off leaving the mom and her kids okay but still in disbelief as to what happens. >> it was like out of a horror movie or the guy just comes up. >> unbelievable. you might be shocked the next time you walk into a jewelry store. gold prices are creeping up. details in the consumer alert and both patrol may still be covered by insurance companies. -- birth control may still be covered by insurance companies. >> their record-breaking heat away from the midwest is shifting our way. we already have hit advisories and he watches out for the area. we'll tell you what that means for the next couple of days in
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the full forecast. right now, 85 degrees at b w i and 80 degrees at the harbor.
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♪ >> if you use a credit card while traveling on vacation, don't be surprised if it gives you headaches. the credit-card company may suspect fraud. big purchases outside your normal spending pattern or location may send a red flag until the credit card company can confirm that you are the one making the purchase. if you're traveling overseas, you may have trouble if you use a card that still has a magnetic strip on the back. most overseas banks have switched to credit cards with an embedded microchip. gold prices are going up which is good because if you are in investor but not so good if you try to buy or sell jewelry. prices can be eye opening. >> geoffrey robertson thought he had enough money in his wallet
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to by this change but the jump in gold prices changed all that. >> i came in with the price i thought was and i would have gotten it right on the spot. it is now $100 extra. >> rings and bracelets today are more expensive than they were yesterday. >> it went up. >> what does that mean to someone like you? >> i should have bought when i wanted in the first place instead of waiting. >> jeff bernard has been in the business and 1969 and says higher prices can heard things that the register. >> i would rather put gold and diamonds in people's hands of a fair and reasonable price. at $1,600, we are in trouble. >> if you looked at this chain last year and like a prize, but can buy today to buy it, you would pay $1,000 more. >> it is like a cat -- price of gasoline or food going up.
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everything will cost more money. >> that is forcing shoppers to look for cheaper alternatives. gold plated instead of solid gold, switching to silver or another cheaper metal, but what about investors who have been buying gold? >> it is a good thing for them but if you are a jewelry manufacturer or you want to go out and buy your fiance an engagement ring or wedding ring, you will take a hit to. >> geoffrey robertson took the head and decided that extra cash was worth it. after a trip to the bank, he paid the money and walked out with the gold chain around his neck. >> you have a nice day. >> and now, your instaweather plus forecast. >> thanks for joining us. we are talking about the big heat wave heading our way which has been affecting the midwest and south for the past couple of weeks. it is especially been the last couple of days. that is shifting our way. temperatures in kansas city are
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88 and chicago is 92 and st. louis is at 94. it is started to slow down across the dakotas and this cool air will push east across the country. that will be some time. we are sitting in the lower 80's with a 70's across the state. we are expecting temperatures to continue to rise over the next couple of days. there is a cold front which is stationary and this has not changed our temperatures a whole lot but it has prevented the worst of the heat from getting to as yet. that will change as the entire air mass is shifting to the east. we're looking at the current radar picture and you can see that shift out there. there we go. we have seen this slowly shift to the east. this is the cool air we are just waiting to get here. for now, we just have the hot heat coming our way. this will be in place the next couple of days and we're
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starting to warn people about dangerous heat and humidity. the combination makes deals -- makes things feel so oppressive. we have keep watches out across the state toward philadelphia. they are already expecting a high heat and humidity to affect them by tomorrow morning. we are calling for that by tomorrow afternoon. for today, still hot and humid in the low to mid 90's, hazy out there with all the moisture in the atmosphere. isolated thunderstorms are possible late in the day and could bring a heavy downpour but most of the area will stay dry. no relief and as we get it to thursday, we will keep cranking up the heat, 98 by thursday afternoon and 99 on friday. the record stands at 101 on friday. we will get close to that and scattered thunderstorms are possible each afternoon. make sure you are drinking water and staying in the shade and avoiding outdoor activities to be to the heat for the next couple of days. >> all good advice, thank you.
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bge says close your curtains and blinds to keep the sun outside, set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher if your house allows and avoid using ovens, stoves, dishwashers, and dryers until after 9:00 p.m. and remember to turn off non- essential appliances. see all of their tips on our website, ♪ alert, womendical may pay -- may soon pay nothing for their birth control. the government is looking at the issue for the new health care law. >> at a time when some women are finding birth control too expensive for their budget, a new recommendation could make it free. >> we have people having to make those hard choices between paying for things that they know they definitely need and also not having the funds to cover of
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the things they need like access to contraception. >> dr. willy parker says that could lead to unplanned pregnancies. towe don't get a chance detect the complications of pregnancy like premature birth. >> after being asked by the government to weigh in, the independent institute of medicine recommends contraception be considered a preventive service with no copiague under the new health care law. >> law already requires free preventive services like abroad -- blood pressure checks. the iom was asked to see what women need. they mention the screen for diabetes, hiv and counseling on std. some who take issue with contraception are against that part of the recommendation. >> there are differing groups of people who eat -- either have at the core moral objections to contraception those groups of
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people should not be mandated to pay for their insurance premium for contraceptives for other people. >> the two sides are unlikely to agree on this as the department of health and human services makes its final decision. screening and counseling for domestic violence is also recommended as a required preventive service. the department of health and human services is expected to make its decision soon. >> meantime, new research suggests went on birth control pills are twice as likely to catch the aids virus. the university of washington study found women on birth control pills or hormone shots are more likely to spread the aids virus. the findings at the results of earlier studies. it may be possible for some forms of alzheimer's disease to be detected 20 years before memory problems develop. science is far from complete but researchers say they are planning clinical trials of biological markers in spinal fluid.
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some data has suggested changes in those markers could be found years before dementia. study will analyze people with genetic mutations for alzheimer's disease but who have not yet developed symptoms. coming up next, your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers and will get another check the forecast. first, i look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> tonight, mayor stephanie rawlings like announces her initiative to reduce property taxes plus the latest on a police officer shot last night answering a domestic violence call and the fallout over netflix and their hike in prices to night when you join us for a 11 news at 5:00. now, you're maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. ♪ >> hi i'm with you on this warm wednesday. 6 as got a4 followed by a printed on the ball under last number for your pick 3 game is another 4 figure picked three numbers 464. the keno sprinkler is on, visit your favorite retailer and light keno today. here is your official pick 4 game.
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a 9 togot a3 followed by as printed on the ball, your next number is a2 ander last member for pick 4 game is 0. recapping our pick 4 number -- 3920. let yourself play. >> ava is back. >> we want to talk about the heat. we want to warn people that it will be pretty bad outdoors for the next couple of days. it is not just the temperature which are part remarkable but when you factor in the humidity, you are not able to sweat. that is our body's natural way of cooling off period the sweat but it does not evaporate. it will be in the 90's for the next couple of days but it will feel over 100 when you factor in the humidity. the heat will break down sunday but it will and will not break
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down until early next week. >> thank you for joining us. >> watch tonight at 5:00, have a great day.
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